Free Medical Equipments - Donate your used medical equipment to Poor is on a mission to provide Medical and Ambulatory assist devices to needy people FREE OF COST,

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Supporting a social cause to make the world a better place for all individuals is on a mission to provide Medical and Ambulatory assist devices to needy people FREE OF COST, thus improve quality of life of disabled people and also avoid unnecessary purchasing of such equipment for a short duration by poor patients.

Mr. Ajayan Nair approached us, Madgeek with a positive attitude towards serving the community & with this idea that he have. We, Madgeek found his thoughts really promising and wanted to be the part of his action plan to provide Medical and Ambulatory assist devices to needy people FREE OF COST. Which is when we joined hands to work on this project labeled ""

Salient features of are listed:

  • Post your requirements

    Once the requirement is posted, the basic verification is taken care by the portal to extract user's detail to ensure the requests has been made by an authentic individual.

  • Donate

    Donors can either share monetary value to support or if they have required equipments they can share the details to the portal. Which notifies the admin and the one who has requested for the same. is working to solve the following problem statement

Accidents and age related ailments may force people to buy costly equipment like wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, water beds, etc. However, once recovered, these equipment would become redundant to the users and gets dumped occupying valuable space.But the availability of these could be a boon for many who need them but cannot afford.

This platform help people to donate their used medical and ambulatory assist devices to poor and needy on a FREE LOAN basis. Beauty of this program is, this gives an opportunity to the needy to become a donor by donating the equipment after their recovery. is working hard to decrease in the Mortality rate resulting in a large population of the aged who need medical attention as well as support. Many are in need of medical and ambulatory assist devices for better mobility and quality of living but are unable to afford it.

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We, Madgeek had the pleasure working with team to devise such platform which strives to solve such an important problem statement which we neglect or ignore. We are working closely with the team to enhance the portal with awesome new features.

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